FSConsol is a slurry consolidation program which determines the rate and magnitude of consolidation of soil slurries such as mine tailings, deltaic deposits, and other soft soils.

FSConsol is a one dimensional consolidation program based on the Finite Strain Consolidation Theory*. Finite Strain Consolidation describes consolidation problems which involve large strains (as opposed to classical infinitesimal strains,) nonlinear soil properties, and consolidation due to self weight.

FSConsol can model a variety of consolidation problems ranging from a step loaded laboratory consolidation test to a complex mine tailings pond scenario with varying filling rates, changing pond areas and changing soil properties.

In addition to settlement, FSConsol tracks the density, void ratio, excess pore pressure, and dissipation profiles with time (amongst others).

FSConsol has a graphical user interface and runs on Windows 7 to 10.

Version 3.49 is the latest version.  Please contact GWP Geo Software Inc. for the latest version.


* 1967, Gibson, England & Hussey, Canadian Geotechnical Journal.


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